EPIC - High School Youth Ministry

EPIC (noun) ep·ic [ éppik ]

  1. a lengthy narrative poem celebrating the adventures and achievements of a legendary or traditional hero
    E.g. Homer's Odyssey
  2. a work of literature, cinema, television, or theater that is large-scale and expensively produced
    E.g. Batman: The Dark Night
  3. a series of events characterized by adventures or struggle
    E.g. Our High School Youth Group

EPIC is our high school youth group for young adults ages 9th - 12th grades. It stands for Every Person In Christ.

Our goal?

To walk with our young adults through the series of events characterized by adventures and struggles we like to call "the high school years."


As a church, we want to teach and show them that God loves them dearly and there is no greater joy than dedicating your life to him.


We meet every Sunday night, on the following monthly schedule:

1st Sunday

Event - Where God reminds us to have fun!

Past events have included The Amazing Race, Video Scavenger Hunts, and Broomball.

2nd Sunday

Gathering - Where we gather together to play games, praise God in songs, hear someone speak from the Bible, break into small discussion groups, and of course, end with food!

3rd & 4th Sundays

Discipleship Groups - Small groups meeting in homes.

Of course, we always start with a meal, then hang out and discuss real-life situations that our youth deal with and look to the Bible and prayer as resources in how to deal with them.

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