Pastor: Dan Claus
Phone: 616.308.7480 (cell)
Email: danclaus@shorelinecrc.org


Worship Coordinator: Daniel Dovinh
Phone: 206.310.3362 (cell)
Email: danieldovinh@shorelinecrc.org


Office Administrator: Debbie Mercado
Phone: 206.364.3021
Email: office@shorelinecrc.org


Facilities Manager/Volunteer Coordinator: Pending


Custodians: Ronda and Jared Johnson
Phone: 425.244.8159


Our church ministries are staffed and run by a host of volunteers. Thanks to all of you who work to meet the needs of children, youth and adults in ministry.

2019 Elders

Steve DeKoekkoek, President of Council
Wolter Korf, Vice Pres. of Council
Dan Kredit
Ken Oordt
Eric van der Giessen

2019 Deacons

Dale Fakkema, Deacon President
Pat Vander Werff, Deacon V.P.
Ed Einfeld, Deacon Secretary
Carol DeKoekkoek, Deacon Treasurer
Jim Miller

Volunteers for Children & Ministry Work (renewable every 3 years)

Anyone who wishes to serve in the Children and/or Youth Ministries must complete and submit the following forms, and undergo a background check that will be valid for three(3) years. Note: All three(3) forms are required.

These completed forms must be submitted to the Church Office prior to joining the ministry team. New forms must be submitted at the expiration of the three(3) year period.

Volunteer Drivers (renewed every year)

People wishing to serve as volunteer drivers to transport children/youth to or from activities also need to submit a Driver Record Check.

Please submit this form, along with indicated documentation to the Church Office before the activity or event.