MAC - Junior High Youth Group

MAC (acronym) [ mak ]

  1. Mid-Air Collision: an aviation accident in which two or more aircraft come into contact during flight.
  2. Message Authentication Code: in cryptography, a piece of information used to authenticate a message.
  3. Maximum Amount Contributable: the limit on how much money can be dedicated to a retirement account for tax purposes.
  4. Macaroni And Cheese: a common pasta casserole made with elbow macaroni and various kinds of cheese.

MAC is our junior high school youth group for 7th and 8th graders. It stands for Made Alive in Christ.Our goal?

To walk with our youth as they come into contact with life’s struggles and challenges.Why?

As a church, we want to teach the authenticity of the gospel and God’s endless love, showing that there is no limit on how we can dedicate our lives to Him.How?

We meet every Wednesday night at the church, gathering together for games, worship, and small group discussion, served with minimal cheese.Contact information: