What to expect on Sunday morning

When you arrive at one of our worship services, the first thing you will notice is how friendly we are.  There will most likely be large groups of folks standing around and talking.  You will hear laughter and enjoyment of each other.  You will see many young children and many older folks. You will find folks from all walks of life.  There will be several different shades of our skin.  You will find several folks dressed up, but most will be dressed casually.  If you are honest, you will probably find people who look and act just like you!

At first you might feel intimidated by such expressions of community and love.  Please know that we want you to be part of it!  We know you did not come here by accident, and we want to greet you and make your first visit as comfortable as possible.  We have greeters to the right side as you walk in.  These folks will give you some information about our church, help you get your bearings as to where our restrooms and nursery are located, and point you to where we gather for worship.

At 10 AM, worship begins.  We have several different worship teams, so exactly how we start changes from week to week.  Our first act of worship is always to ask the Lord through His Holy Spirit to prepare our hearts for worship.  Then to help us prepare and meet with the Living God, we worship through a time of music and praise.  We use many types and styles of music at First.  We love our praise songs and our hymns.  We believe all of them help prepare our hearts for meeting with God.  We also promise you will not need ear plugs because it is so loud!

After a time of praise and worship, we meet with God in prayer. This is an extended time to lay your needs before the Lord as well as a time to listen to His leading. Then we hear from God through His Word preached. We have three Interim Pastors who deliver sermons on a rotating schedule. Do not be surprised if God's Word touches your heart through this preaching!

Finally, in response to God's Word preached, we have a time of commitment and giving in response to His grace.  In some places they call this "collecting an offering."  We think of it as our response to the greatness of God's mercy given to us in Christ.

After the service, you will find people hanging out, drinking coffee, and enjoying each other's company.  We would love to have you join us!  

Why not make this Sunday your first day at First?  Come and join us as we journey together through the walk of faith.  There is a place for you here!